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 Israel Holiday Ideas

Gems of Israel

Israel In One Go
Visit the major icons of Israel in one go. Gems of Israel take you through the Holy Land, experience the beaches and shopping hubs of Tel Aviv, visit the 3000 year old devout city of Jerusalem and see monuments like the Dome of the Rock, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Western Wailing Wall, stay at a kibbutz in Galilee and experience the festive city of Eilat which allows you to indulge in adventure sports and see spectacular coral reefs.
These are some of the places which should be included in your “must see list” whilst planning a holiday to Israel.

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Choose your Experiences
You want to windsurf in Eilat, let’s add it. Do you want to stay in a kibbutz in Galilee, done. If you want to swim in the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea or drive through the Negev Desert, we will include this. A la carte is for the customized holiday traveller who wishes to add experiences based on his time and interests.

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Luxury and Fairy Tales

Indulge without boundaries
You could do a helicopter tour for a bird’s eye view of the Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights or stay in some of the iconic luxury hotels or spas across the country or experience fine dining at Michelin star restaurants, Namaste Israel helps you in planning a tour without any strings – filled with indulgence and experiences royal.

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Off the Beaten Track

Winners do Things Differently
Although it is the site of 3 religions and has a history and cultural heritage that is incomparable, Israel also has many surprises in store for the offbeat traveler. Watch the migration of thousands of different birds or go on a biking and hiking trip in a peaceful valley. Go back in time and visit the fortress of Herod, or visit the northern part of the desert region and observe fields of red anemones in full bloom. You can even stay at a kibbutz in Galilee.

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Hidden Treasures of Israel

Go Beyond the Popular Icons
Visit Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery, a 19th century monastery located on the slopes of Mount Carmel above Elijah’s Cave, it can only be reached by cable car or on foot. Vadi Nisnas, a neighborhood, in the city of Haifa, is a must if you enjoy art or sculpture, you can also visit the Bahai Shrine in Haifa. The Incense Route in the Negev Desert is the 1,500-mile-long frankincense trade route from Arabia to the Mediterranean and is a recognized UNESCO site.

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City Magic

Spice Up your short City Stays
Travelling to Israel on business or visiting friends in the region and want to extend your stay. Why not plan day trips to nearby attractions? Tel Aviv has 16 beaches you can unwind on, you can indulge in spa treatments in the Dead Sea region. Visit the Dead Sea beauty product factories on your way to Eilat, where you can continue to relax or indulge in water sports.

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Themes and Interests

Pursue a hobby on vacation
Learn to taste and become a wine connoisseur at a boutique winery. Whether it’s cycling, hiking or pub hopping, Israel has it all. Visit the Dead Sea region and indulge in spa treatments and therapies on Mineral Beach. Israel has music festivals which you can participate in, like The Red Sea Jazz Festival in the summer or The Red Sea Classical Music Festival in the winter.

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Self Drive

Experience stunning sceneries on your own
In Tel Aviv you can drive to the Diaspora Museum and then continue onto ancient Ceasarea where you can explore Roman and Crusader ruins. You can then drive to Nazareth, the sacred town of Jesus’ childhood. Your route can then take you to the sparkling port city of Haifa, which has lots to see. It doesn’t end here, mountains, heritage sites and Jewish hospitality still await you. Let us plan your self drive route in the beautiful regions of Israel.

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Guaranteed Tours

A great mix of budget and likeminded friends
Israel offers a plethora of options, both religious and fun for the budget traveler. Enjoy activities and experiences in the all inclusive Escorted Tours that the Namaste Israel team can put together for you, with a combination of other countries in the Middle East, like Jordan and Egypt. Engage in local experiences and as a bonus also get to travel with people across the world and make global friends, some of them friends for life.

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Elongate the fun
Israel is in the heart of the Middle East and borders Jordan, Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. You can drive to Jordan and stay in the coastal city of Aqaba. A visit to the city of Petra one of the 7 wonders of the new world is a must. A short flight away in Egypt is the only surviving wonder of the ancient world – the Pyramid of Cheops in Giza.

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