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Shalom Israel, a country with centuries of history, culture and the base of the world’s oldest religions. Religious icons, party spots, beaches, fine wines, chic shopping and spa destinations and Michelin starred restaurants.

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  • A local concierge service with a 24×7 emergency contact number assisting you with all facets of Israel – restaurants, shopping and local experiences
  • We focus on local experiences as much as important sounds and sights that you must visit
  • Our tailor made touring looks into finer elements including pace of travel and off beat as well as insider experiences where possible



A place unlike any in the world is the “Nalaga’at” Center, located at the Jaffa port in Tel Aviv. This center is comprised of the “Nalaga’at” Theater, home to the Deaf-blind Acting Ensemble, Café Kapish, with its deaf waiters and BlackOut, the pitch-black restaurant with its staff of blind waiters.
You can try and communicate through sign language at Café Kapish, or experience a wine tasting in total darkness at Blackout, where, except for sight, your senses of taste, touch, smell and sound are amplified. The “Nalaga’at” Center currently employs 70 people, most of whom are deaf, blind or deaf-blind.

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The Desert Marathon, Eilat

The Desert Marathon, Eilat